The Story

Mogully was created in lockdown. A passion project which has turned into a thriving business. The brand was incorporated on the 5th December 2019. As we come to our first birthday it makes sense to tell the story of where we came from and where we plan to go.
The brand was created in a classroom doodling on scrap bits of A4 paper in various lessons. The concept behind mogully is in the name, mogully forms from moguls. Moguls are bumps in a ski slope but in the brand's context it means bumps in the road.
In 2021, post COVID-19 restrictions Mogully will be on the road. Travelling to universities across the country to host pop up shops, club nights and special events. This will be a great opportunity to meet our customers and build a larger audience. We have plans to create a video series as well as a podcast to showcase the project.